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You can check OUT more  of my projects by visiting my Behance profile. You can also download some of my 3d printable designs from here, for free. 

Click on the images to enlarge them and read a short description

Coffe Table

This coffee table design is hand built on solid American Oak Wood.


Experimental mezuzah design with Voronoi generative shapes. You can download a 3D printable model from my Thingiverse page.


MediaSpot is a product design concept for malls and public spaces, where any user with a USB device can buy digital media in cash. Note that this project was developed long before smartphones and Netflix ;)


Kitchen designed for a modern studio apartment in Mexico City, where space is limited but functionality and appearance cannot be compromised.

Perfume Bottle

Perfume bottle design

Sports Bench

Urban sports bench design for 7-a-side Football fields

Smart Fusion

This product serves as a connection between a laptop and a tablet, by integrating both devices as a single system for comfort and productivity.

Red Avalanche

This non-motorized vehicle was designed and built for an urban downhill race.

Generative Pen Holder

This pen holder was designed using parametric design tools, in order to achieve the pattern holes.

Flow Desk

High end modular desk design, which allows for multiple configurations.